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Danderyd Mörby

Close to new Danderyd Centrum

Quick Office Danderyd a perfect location for you live north to Stockholm.

Personal service
Our staffed front desk take care of you and your visitors on a personal and professional manner.

We offer a pleasant working environment and good features that simplify and save time in your daily life. It invites for networking with new partners and business opportunities

Meeting and conference rooms
We offer a conference center for meetings up to 60 people. Do you need accommodation in connection with client or staff meetings? We co-operate with Hotel Danderyd Gästeri – a family run hotel with a cozy atmosphere and a personal touch. The hotel is only about 100 meters from our office. Contact them directly on 08-755 28 10. For more information danderydsgasteri.se.

Custom-made office solutions
You select the Kontorspaket and the level of service that suits your business best. Conference room, furniture, coffee, cleaning, internet and printing course included in all our various Kontorspaket.

We offer high quality Internet access and WiFi.

High security
Through our access control systems, alarms and cooperation with security companies, you can be safe in your workplace. You have access to your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact information Quick Office Danderyd
Business Center host: Mari Björkdahl
Tel: 08-753 59 50

Visiting address
Svärdvägen 21
182 33 Danderyd

Postal address
QO Danderyd AB
Arenavägen 29, 8tr
121 77 Stockholm-Globen

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